Take your website to the next level by making your Website Mobile friendly

With more and more Tablets, Mobile Phones, and Handheld Devices actively interacting with the World Wide Web, as well as constant increases in data services sales, it makes perfect sense to make your Website accessible to them. Of course this means restructuring the entire layout, and organizing your site's content specifically for smaller screens, optimizing it for Mobile. Ecom Solutions can help you move to this next level.

Go Responsive!

With Responsive web design you only have to make one version of your Website to serve all devices. That includes Desktops, Laptops, Mobile Phones, Phablets, and Tablets. CSS “media queries” detect the device type and he site is then resized accordingly using a fluid CSS layout. Adopting a single template delivers the same pages, including images and media, to every device regardless of screen size or available connection speed.

Web design services for Mobile Devices

Mobile technologies are making big strides in the field of Internet connectivity and browsing capabilities. Not only connections are becoming faster and consistent, but even Tablet and Mobile Phone screens are becoming more interactive. Connecting to Websites and making use of the information available on them is sometimes as easy as browsing them using your conventional PC or laptop. Although your Website - with its current web design - may be accessed using a Mobile Device, it often becomes cumbersome to view all the information. This happens because fundamentally, that information may be resource intensive, and is not meant to be viewed using a mobile or handheld device. To accommodate browsing through a smaller Mobile Device screen our Team can rearrange the basic navigation and content of your Website.

EcomSolutions has successfully transformed many Websites so that they completely become mobile-device-friendly. At Ecom Solutions we completely understand the limitations of mobile devices: the screen is smaller, horizontal navigation is extremely difficult even with the help of a stylus, the buttons are basically numeric and cramped and navigation can be a real pain even if there are more than three hyperlinks on your Website.

Creating Web Design for Mobile Tablets, Phones and Handhelds sometimes means scaling down the functionalities of your Website to an essential level. It may involve replacing images with text, and removing JavaScript or Flash animations. Despite all these limitations our Team of Programmers and Designers at EcomSolutions has the necessary expertise for creating cutting-edge Websites for Mobile Devices.

The technologies and programming involved with creating Websites for Mobile Phones and Handheld Devices consist of:

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