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ColdFusion Programming and Development
We are a ColdFusion Development Team ready to help with your needs. ColdFusion has been our sidekick for more than 15 years, and this shows commitment. We have handled, and are ready to handle, every aspect of ColdFusion Development and ColdFusion Programming. There remains no facet of a ColdFusion Project not understood by our Team of highly experienced Developers. As a result we can provide you with a multitude of ColdFusion Services.

ColdFusion Performance, Optimization, and Maintenance
We can optimize your existing ColdFusion Applications making the code leaner, organizing it in a manageable manner, removing redundant code, and reducing execution cycles. Application performance becomes more critical when it comes to CF Applications that are used by many users simultaneously, and we can help you make it faster. Our Performance, Optimization, and CF Monitoring skills are unparalleled.

ColdFusion Hosting
We can help by porting your existing ColdFusion Application or Websites to our Hosting facilities. Reliable, dedicated Hosting is highly important for running and managing CF Applications. That's why our ColdFusion Network Engineers can make 15+ years of combined experience in dedicated CF Hosting services. The best thing about Hosting with us is the “one-stop-shop” approach, whereas we don’t only host your Systems but we can also improve, monitor, upgrade, or troubleshoot them.

ColdFusion Capabilities and Flexibility
Backed and developed by Adobe®, ColdFusion blends well with and supports a variety of platforms including MS Windows, Unix, Linux, and anything that runs Java. It is one of the most respectable choices out there yielding an excellent practical return on time investment and cost. ColdFusion lets us write less code to achieve maximum results and allows for the quickest experience for rolling-out deliverables to our Clients.

Our substantial business domain experience, especially ColdFusion Applications and Website Development, technical expertise, deep understanding of latest industry trends within our quality-driven delivery model enables us to offer progressive end-to-end Enterprise Level Software and web solutions that keep you ahead of your competitors giving you a technological edge that more than justifies the investment that you make in our Services.

Why Ecomsolutions

  • 10+ years experience in ColdFusion Development
  • 100+ Successfully Delivered Projects
  • Efficient iOS, BlackBerry, and Android skill sets
  • Adequate Team size for Enterprise Level Software deployment
  • Quality-driven, timely delivery
  • Unbeatable Project Management & Business Relationship
  • New York Based

Go Mobile-Friendly Or Be Penalized By Google

If your site is not mobile-friendly by now, it will be penalized in its ranking. It may actually be removed from the mobile search index of Google. Irrelevant information causes websites that are not Responsive to suffer with ranking in Google. This could mean that if your website was previously seen on Google's first or second page, it might be pushed down considerably making room for competitor sites to be positioned above you.

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SSL and ColdFusion error 500

Your ColdFusion Website may yield errors related to SSL and the Java Environment, typically returning a 500 – internal server error or re-routing clients to the logon page. They won't be able to make purchases or transactions. If your ColdFusion Website has an E-Commerce component, or accepts payments via Merchant Accounts, Gateways, or credit card […]

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ColdFusion is a rapid application development (RAD) platform and a programming language used with that platform. With most programming languages security is your number one priority, and ColdFusion Security is no different. Expert ColdFusion Programmers will focus on ColdFusion Security in every aspect of their design and implementation. It is utterly important that ColdFusion Security […]

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