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iPad DevelopmentEcom Solutions offers a wide range of Programming, Services, Support and Solutions for iPad Applications as well as iPad Device Development Services. We have experience, and we focus on custom iPad App development.

If you have an idea, a Request for Proposal (RFP), or just a simple thought of creating an iPad Application we would like you to contact us. Our expertise, coupled with your idea, will significantly reduce the time it takes to market an iPad Application. To discuss about the iPad or iPad Applications please send us an E-mail, call us, or fill out a request form.

 Our Firm is able to provide iPad Development and Services, such as:


Our iPad / iPhone Capabilities & Expertise:

Ecom Solutions has already been developing iPhone Applications for 2 years and we hold expertise on all aspects of iPhone and iPad App development. We have the capability to develop simultaneous Apps for the iPhone and the iPad, including the porting of the Applications from iPhone to iPad. You may view some of the iPhone and iPad Apps we have developed below. Our iPad programmers & developers also can optimize your existing iPhone products to fit in for the iPad 9.7-inch screen and resolution.

The Breakthrough Apple iPad

The iPad is a tablet computer designed and marketed by Apple for Internet browsing, media consumption, gaming, and light content creation. Released in April 2010, the iPad established a new class of devices between smart phones and laptops. The iPad is similar to the older iPod Touch and iPhone, but the iPad runs a modified version of the iPhone OS and is controlled by a multi-touch LCD sensitive to fingertips.

Apple’s iPad has opened up the Tablet PC market for a rapid development of a user base, the underlying technology, and application opportunities. It runs iPad-specific Applications as well as those written for the iPhone and iPod touch, including e-book readers. Multi-touch, a major step towards a natural user interface, diminishes much of the learning curve and drastically increases usability for a wide range of Applications.

iPad Technologies

Our Team of iPad Developers has good experience and knowledge with all the iPad built-in features, and we know how to take advantage of the technology Apple provides.

Technologies we use and leverage for the iPad include:

iPad and Industries

Our iPad programmers have experience and can develop iPad Apps for the following industries:



We provide Digital Publication iPad Application development services, by leveraging our expertise in both Digital Publication and iPad development

The launch of the iPad is an exciting event for Media and Publishing firms. iPad provides a great digital delivery platform for Media and Publications content. Having the capabilities, size, and convenience of the iPad, publishers have the perfect choice of electronic content delivery to their readers and subscribers.

iPad App Development and Rich Content delivery for Magazines and Publications:

We understand Publications and Digital Media. We can build dynamic and exciting iPad Apps for your Magazine, Newspaper or Publication.

The custom iPad Native Applications will also ensure you earn profit and expand your subscriber base. By offering premium access to content for the ever growing iPad users, any Print or Digital Publication can lay down the foundation toward additional income.

Native iPad App for Publication Features:

-  Content is carefully organized and streamlined in horizontal and vertical stacks
-  Each page will be individually designed for the iPad screen in both portrait and landscape orientation
-  Express navigation from the Cover Page to featured Articles or Stories, allowing readers to access them directly
-  Bar and Design guidance throughout the App, to lead readers through a Book, an Issue or Article, augmenting the scroll bar with subtle indications of more content and additional features to explore
-  Drop Down Table of Contents, or Pop-up Table of Contents
-  Browse view (zoomed out view of stacks of content) makes for easier navigation / guidance and sense of place within the Issue
-  Custom picture Slide Shows taking readers through multiple views and allowing for different touch gestures for image progression
-  Orientation-appropriate photography offers different images, taking advantage of layout changes whether in portrait or landscape mode
-  Custom animated 360° degree image shows and hologram-like effects
-  Editorial Videos embedded into the iPad App, allowing for automatic load, display in HD and access without a connection
-  Multiple Sound and Music embedding options

 Enhanced Native App Advertising for the iPad:

-  Slide Shows of Advertiser's Products and Services
-  Multiple Page Advertisment / Reviews / Fine Print
-  Embedded HD Video within Advertisment
-  Different, but adapted and appropriate viewing of Advertisment in both portrait and landscape mode
-  Rotating 360° degree images in HD
-  Incorporated Interactivity within Advertisment page


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