Ecom Solutions Legacy Applications - Troubleshooting, Maintenance, Modernization, and inter-platform Migration

Your legacy applications can be your greatest asset and also your biggest liability. Most legacy applications are quite old and haven't been able to keep pace with the demands of growing and expanding businesses both in terms of scale and technology. Since legacy applications don't integrate well with present technologies you are forced to stick to the older ways of conducting your business operations, missing great opportunities in the process.

The main problem with legacy applications is that nobody actually knows what is going on inside them because most of the programmers and developers who initially worked on them have either switched careers or have moved to other companies and jobs. The documentation is absent or inadequate, the coding methodologies are archaic and the programming languages are no longer used. Sometimes your in-house programmers and developers haven't been able to keep up with the evolving programming technologies. Consequently, it is very difficult to go through the labyrinthine passages of the code of your legacy applications and carry out upgrades and changes. There remain two options for you:

  • Get the applications developed from scratch again
  • Upgrade and streamline the existing legacy applications

Getting the applications developed from scratch can prove to be a gargantuan task and can lead to great financial losses and considerably affect the overall efficiency of your organization. This is because it must have taken your organization years to convert the real-world processes into programming functions and remove all the bugs and snags. The human effort involved and the finances needed to get the applications developed from scratch don't make it worth it unless you need a totally new application.

The best option is to upgrade and modernize your existing legacy applications using expertise specifically catered towards this service.

The legacy applications services of Ecomsolutions Inc.

Ecomsolutions Inc. has so far successfully upgraded scores of legacy applications previously developed using various programming languages like ColdFusion, PHP, ASP and C++. The years of experience in developing enterprise level ColdFusion applications has helped us evolve our own highly specialized methodologies to delve deeper into the existing code of legacy applications and modernize and re-engineer it according to the requirements of our customers. The following is a list of legacy applications that our competent team of programmers and systems administrators has helped modernize, upgrade and maintain:

  • E-commerce - B2B and B2C
  • Online publishing and content management systems
  • Bookkeeping
  • Medical records software
  • ERP systems
  • Corporate and marketing solutions
  • Customer relationship management - CRM
  • Real estate and business process automation solutions

So you can see that the spectrum of experience is quite wide.

These are the legacy applications maintenance services that we provide:

ColdFusion legacy application development maintenance

If your legacy application has been developed using ColdFusion then there is a great chance that you don't need to upgrade much but still you may need new features and you may need to streamline some functions and options. Complete migration to a new development platform and a complete upgrade would be a waste of time and effort, and of course money. Instead we can assign you a dedicated ColdFusion expert who will solve your day-to-day problems without hindering your business operations. The ColdFusion expert will make sure that your legacy application performs the way it should and all the features that you should be able to use to make your current business requirements deliver at their optimal performance. This will not put a strain on your current business operations and your legacy application won't be able to hold you back simply because it has been developed using some old technology. Our ColdFusion experts can work both off-site and on-site.

ColdFusion legacy application modernization

Technology is taking revolutionaries strides and your organization shouldn't lag behind because the legacy application that you use was developed and deployed a few years ago. No matter what development platform was used, there comes a time when your legacy application has to go through the mandatory modernization process - yes, even if your legacy application was developed using ColdFusion. The way people do business changes, the way your organization interacts with customers and clients changes every few years, the way you process information and maintain your critical data goes through logical and technological shifts almost on a yearly basis, and new hardware hits the markets almost every month changing our computational capacities in exponential terms.

Legacy application modernization doesn't just mean adding needless bells and whistles; it means upgrading and streamlining your business functions so that they help your business grow. Your legacy application should also be able to leverage the technological facilities available in contemporary times to maximize your operational performance. Our experienced ColdFusion programmers and software engineers can help you evaluate your legacy application modernization needs and create a well-aligned roadmap so that you carry out the modernization process only if it is extremely necessary and you're going to incur huge business losses if you don't.

ColdFusion legacy application migration

The ColdFusion development and environment brings you unprecedented functional prowess and this prowess can only be harnessed if your application is developed using ColdFusion; this is because there are some things that you can do only in ColdFusion. At Ecomsolutions Inc. we can migrate your legacy applications from:

  • ColdFusion 4,5,6,7 to ColdFusion 8
  • PHP to ColdFusion 8
  • ASP to ColdFusion 8

Using our tried and tested methodologies and in-house expertise we can understand and figure out code written in many programming languages and then optimize that code using ColdFusion 8 programming conventions and technology. This way you have a completely rewritten and re-engineered application developed using the world's most advanced programming platform/language without having to cease your ongoing business operations because you can keep on using your current legacy application while we migrate it to ColdFusion.

We can also perform the following database migrations:

  • SQL Server 6.5 / 2000 to SQL Server 2005

So if you feel it's the time your organization embraced new technologies and leveraged the revolutionary trends available to your competitors, get in touch with Ecom Solutions today.