EcomSolutions offers Professional custom Creative / Graphic Design Services dedicated to our Clients' needs

EcomSolutions Design

With Design being a very demanding task for any Creative Department, and with requirements changing in real time, you can rest assured because our Team possesses a strong detail orientation, and an obsession for accuracy and consistency.  Our Visual Design sense focuses on user experience, and our extensive portfolio of Publications, E-Commerce, Educational, Law, Government, and Healthcare Websites stands proof of our ability to produce innovative designs that satisfy your needs.

We offer a large pallette of Graphic Services including Logo Design, Branding, Image enhancement, Flash modules, and Banner Design. Certain clients want Websites designed based on branding or their logo, others want it based on the look and feel of a brochure. Some want classy and fast, others are looking for flash, video, and dynamic elements. Whatever the requirements are, we are experts in Graphic Design, we know what works best on the web, and we deliver great Websites.

Our Visual Design Process for Websites

The Visual / Creative Design process for Websites starts with development of sample screens that adhere to the Client’s branding standards and site objectives as specified in the design document, as well as visually interpret the Organizational Framework of the site. In addition, navigation elements for the major nodes and intersections of the Website will be presented. As a result of this, several visual design treatments of the Homepage along with selected key segments representative of the Creative Team’s best effort will be presented on static electronic storyboards to the client.

A single treatment will then be selected among the treatments, for refinement based on client feedback for implementation. Once the final design treatment is approved by the client, the design team will create the internal page templates (based on the approved wireframes) and present it to the client for sign-off. Access to the work-in-progress Development site is available to the client to view at all times. Your feedback and comments are key to a successful outcome, and we welcome it throughout the project lifecycle.