Are you ready to move on to the next level of web design and user interaction?

There is a paradigm shift in the way people use the Internet and interact on commercial Websites. Total customization no longer remains in the realms of usability, whitepapers, and Web Design conferences! Adobe Flex makes functionalities feel like a breeze. Here are some examples of Flex enhanced features we can provide:

The greatest benefit of our experience with Flex is that we can create Rich Internet Applications (RIA) that deploy consistently on all major browsers, and Operating Systems, consequently providing a richer experience for your audience. Flex brings real-time interactivity in your existing Applications, and Ecom Solutions can develop and install completely new Flex applications in a timely fashion!

What is the difference between normal HTML Websites and Flex Websites?

HTML Websites, as you may know, are a collection of static pages linked via a common navigation system. Whenever you want to update information on an HTML page, the page has to connect to the server where everything is being hosted and get the latest information. For this to happen you either have to fill out a form and then submit it, or you have to refresh the page.

In the case of Flex, your webpage does not have to go to the main server in order to display the latest information. Flex Rich Internet Applications are programmed so that the required data is handled on the client side. This makes your interaction with the Rich Internet Application extremely fast and it also saves repeat visits to the server. Imagine the amount of bandwidth you can save in the case of 1000s of visitors accessing your Website every hour!

For further understanding, think about basic Applications used on your computer, such as word processors and spreadsheets. You don't have to refresh the window after every change; the changes are reflected immediately and most often your word processor or spreadsheet application saves whatever changes you are making automatically. The same ease of functionality can now be rendered on Websites too, by delivering Rich Internet Applications with the use of Flex Technology.

Right from the early days of the launch of Adobe Flex our experienced team of Developers and Programmers at Ecom Solutions has been creating cutting-edge Rich Itnernet Applications for our local as well as international clients. We are redefining the way our clients leverage their business Websites to provide a richer experience to their users, while in the process, significantly improving their Systems. We can offer you the following Adobe Flex based Rich Internet Applications and Services:

So far we have developed and installed the following Rich Internet Applications developed in Adobe Flex:

Ecom Solutions can integrate Adobe Flex Development with all major existing web programming platforms and languages such as ColdFusion, PHP, .NET, ASP, JAVA, Ajax and Ruby on Rails. To learn more about how we can revolutionize your online presence, help you impress your clients by showcasing Rich Intrernet Applications built in Flex, and catapult your business to new heights, please contact us.