Ecom Solutions has experience embedding custom Advertising Campaigns within Websites, with access from the back-end Content Management System, as well as designing Graphic Advertising Banners.

Custom Advertising Campaigns built by our Team are designed to deliver multiple-option marketing messages and banners. The system will be coded and implemented in the Content Management System of the Website (CMS), and will be available to staff and editors for modification, laying out the foundation towards increased revenue for our client.

Content Management System options and benefits

In the CMS, the Advertising Campaign Web Editor will have the following further customizable options:

  • Ads Pages – Custom page names for posting ads or banners (Examples include Home Page, Inside Pages, and any other desired locations) with options to add, edit, or delete page names and locations.
  • Ads Advertisers – Custom section containing Advertiser name, link address or URL, and appropriate actions to edit or delete the subfields. The section will also contain access to click-through statistics for the specific Ad or Ad Campaign.
  • Ads Zones – Section will contain the page name (as defined in the Ads Pages section), the zone name (Ex: Homepage Left Navigation Pane - Upper, etc.), active status, and size of the Ad, along with the appropriate actions to edit or delete the selected Ad or Ad Campaign. A box where the Ad or Ad Campaign HTML code is entered will accompany every entry in the section.
  • Ads Banners – The Ads Banners section will give access and overview of the name, weight*, placement zone, Advertiser, and statistics for the Ads or Ad Campaigns engaged.

*weight is a feature whereas Banners and Ads will be assigned a “weight level” depending on the importance of the Ad in question. A popular weight set-up example assigns Ads with weight 0, 1, or 2. Ad with weight 0 will be inactive. An Ad with assigned weight 2 will be displayed twice as frequently as Ad with assigned weight 1. Different combinations may be set-up and implemented based on the client's preference, Ad Campaign and goals.

Media Kits

Media Kits can be designed by the Advertising Campaign staff with or without our help, may be posted online in the ADVERTISE WITH US Website section, and be readily available to Advertisers. Media Kits can be pre-designed or custom-designed to fit the client's advertising goals, and accommodate Advertiser preferences. Furthermore, Media Kits may be categorized to advertise in Print (for Publications and Magazines), or Online (on the Website).